Deep Brain Stimulation

DBS is a surgical procedure used to treat several disabling neurological symptoms by blocking electrical signals from targeted areas in the brain. It is an effective method of suppressing tremors, whether they are essential in nature or symptomatic of Parkinson's Disease.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Bromedicon, Inc. provides intraoperative neurophysiological mapping of the DBS trajectories for movement disorder interventions. The role of the neurophysiology team is multifaceted and includes:

  • testing IONM equipment functionality

  • providing situational feedback (ways of setting up the room for instance)

  • assessing, recording, and documenting with the surgeon the microelectrode live waveforms

  • estimating true location based on cell populations based on the waveforms and interaction with the patient, including:

    • looking for passive and active cells such as kinesthetic, tremor, skin sensory, deep pressure sensory, and volitional motor

    • direct stimulation via the cannula tip (macrostim) or microelectrode tip (microstim) with assessment of primary efficacy on the cardinal signs and side effects; depending on the experience of the clinical team, assisting and coordinating with the team the intraoperative clinical testing for mapping and assessing side effects (more or less hands on with the patient as needed)

    • land educational support materials for the neurosurgeon and hospital.

Presently our equipment is the FHC, Inc. Guideline 4000 LP+. The Bromedicon team is willing and able to train on an in-house option if provided.