Bromedicon, Inc., with 25 years experience, is committed to assisting you by providing with the appropriate Intraoperative Monitoring modalities in order to reduce the occurrence of untoward events or neurological deficits.

Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (IONM) is a monitoring technique that utilizes specific modalities to evaluate the brain or spinal cord moment-to-moment during operations on or near these structures. These techniques record electrical potentials which allow the surgeons to assess nerve function during your surgical procedure in “real-time”. With this knowledge of the current state of the nervous system, surgeons can be alerted of possible injuries and the necessary steps can be taken to reduce the risk of neurological deficits.

Due to the advancement of technology and the availability of innovative techniques more complex procedures have become frequent but complications still may occur.

We offer monitoring protocols for cranial surgery, spinal cord/nerve root procedures, vascular surgery, movement disorders surgery, epilepsy and Transcranial Doppler for vasospasm and emboli detection.

All procedures are monitored by a BC/BE neuromonitorist and remotely supervised by a staff neurologist for clinical support and interpretation.



Significant cost savings can be achieved when using Bromedicon Neuromonitoring LLC by only incurring a set fee when services are provided. Hospitals with their own dedicated IONM programs incur the costs associated with full-time employees, equipment costs, and supplies even when there is only a limited need for IONM services.

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