DBS–Deep Brain Stimulation

During the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) modality, CDS monitors electrodes in carefully selected and located areas deep within the brain when small electrical currents were applied. Though not curative, this stimulation may cancel abnormal signals, alleviate patient symptoms emanating from diseased or damaged nerve cells and dramatically improve quality of life.

Careful electrode location and positioning – often in the basal ganglia - is vital to useful and predictive readings. To enhance results, CDS monitors 3-D X-ray targeting as well as evaluating the electrical activity electrodes that may produce as they pass through intervening nerve cells. Distinctive firing patterns from cell groups are often detectable and therefore helpful in guiding electrode placement.

This modality constitutes a very effective method of suppressing tremors, whether they are essential in nature or symptomatic of Parkinson’s Disease. DBS can be adjusted according to symptom severity. Its attendant risks can include infection and bleeding. Research continues regarding its palliative effectiveness for other disorders, though such uses aren’t yet approved.

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